5 once-daily lifestyle tweaks for better legs

In beauty you can’t make one change, or put one cream on, and expect miracles – that’s fantasy. But looking after yourself shouldn’t feel like a burden either. So the trick is to maintain little daily habits that accumulate into big results. Like these:

  1. Try simple steps like adding Epsom salts to your bath twice a week – and not a handful, but two or three big mugfuls. Stay in the bath for at least 20 minutes, and do this twice a week to help manage fluid retention.
  2. Taking magnesium and potassium supplements helps regulate the body’s fluid levels. Potassium supplements are especially helpful: the nutrient also creates an acid/alkaline balance in the body, it’s required for protein synthesis and helps the body deal with metabolic end by-products; it also stimulates peristalsis, the muscle reflex in the intestines and stomach. I get mine from BioCare Potassium Citrate Vegetable, £12.22, amazon.com.
  3. Turmeric is also good for fluid retention, and it has incredible reparative qualities; add it to vegetables, use it to make a golden latte or smooth it over a chicken before roasting. You’ll find
  4. Hot and cold water are both excellent for puffiness; use the shower head to spray upwards from ankles to hips, alternating between warm and cold water.
  5. Drink your water: at least a litre a day and if you can manage it, two.