Ask Kate: “I really want to get into body brushing this year…”

Thinking of adding body brushing to your daily bathroom routine? You won’t regret it!

By Kate Shapland

This is a small daily habit that delivers big benefits – helping to improve body shape, skin tone and reduce cellulite remarkably quickly (in fact you’ll see a difference after one quick brushing session). Body brushing even helps to boost energy and immunity. It serves us on so many levels it’s a proper beauty hero!

So what’s the best way to body brush?

You can body brush on wet, damp or dry skin – so before, during or after a shower, whatever suits you, as long as you get the technique right.

You can even brush over an application of our Cellu-Lite Anti-Cellulite Oil, or add a drop of the oil to the bristles and dual-task to save time. Even though body brushing should take you no more than a minute to do.

All you need to do is flick the bristles over your skin – no scrubbing or rubbing, just quick flicks all over your body and in an upwards movement towards the heart and lymph nodes. Start at your feet and flick the brush over your calves, sides and backs of knees, thighs, hips and buttocks. Then do the same from your wrists to your shoulders.

You can brush your tummy but make sure you go very lightly and gently over this area.

Remember to keep the flicks light – you are not doing this to break up fat, you are doing it to activate your lymph which is fragile and doesn’t need heavy-handed massage. There’s a lot of misinformation about body brushing with articles claiming it softens hard fat deposits beneath the skin, which is complete nonsense. If this was true, and it was that easy to shift fat/cellulite, none of us would have it! Body brushing is an ancient art founded on the principles of wellbeing, to promote the natural elimination processes of the body – in other words, activate the lymph to encourage lymph node drainage and increase circulation.

What kind of brush is best?

All natural – if you can get it! Too many body brushes include plastic – either as massaging nodules within the bristles, as a base for the bristles or in other ways. I believe your body brush should be as close to the original ancient wellbeing tool as possible – so natural! Our Lymph-Lite Body Brush is perfect as it’s made from natural sustainable wood and sisal plant bristles. Because it’s natural it won’t last forever, so you shouldn’t be paying over the odds for it either.

What’s the best post-brushing advice?

Make sure you rehydrate after body brushing. Apply plenty of moisturiser (even if you’ve used our Cellu-Lite Anti-Cellulite Oil with the brush) – so apply a generous layer of Air-Lite to your legs, and drink a tall glass of water to support your activated lymph and flush through impurities.

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