1. Before You Start The Plan

By Kate Shapland

1. Make your first diary note, recording as much about your legs and yourself as you can, including how you feel – about yourself and your legs: note every detail – the tone of your skin, the ‘thickness’ of your skin (does it feel heavy/waterlogged?), the heaviness of your legs, areas of puffiness or swelling (ankles/feet/knees?), areas of soreness, aches or pains, exactly where the cellulite is and so on. Get under your own skin and familiarise yourself with it.

2. Make a note about what you expect to achieve: be realistic! In all probability you will not have legs like a supermodel at the end of this challenge. But – big but – you may well have legs that are so improved on every level from the way they look to the way they feel that it’s enough for you to feel triumphant. For example, my diary entry for this goes something like: ‘visibly less cellulite, markedly less heaviness in my lower legs and ankles, a new slenderness and real excitement about getting dressed in the morning and knowing I’m going to feel confident and positive about the new me’. Too much to ask? I don’t think so!

3. Make a note about what you want to wear confidently at the end of this trial: I think this is a healthy goal to have but again, make sure you are realistic about it.

4. Measure the girth of your thighs. This is important because while you may not immediately see a difference to the look of your cellulite and overlying skin you will derive encouragement from loss of inches. And if you follow my recommendations for the challenge this will happen.

5. Familiarise yourself with the product application, diet and activity steps, so that they quickly start to feel like second-nature.

The right diet, lifestyle and product combination will also restore the nimbleness, positivity and confidence you may not have felt for many years – you may have forgotten entirely.

That’s why we call Legology the ultimate feel good brand: it is about legs, and it is about cellulite, but it’s also about you.

It will have its tricky moments, but the next two months are best considered as a holiday for you and your legs, and one which will give you the chance to be the best version of you.

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