Cellulite: why it needed a new and real approach

by Kate Shapland

One of the things that has long fascinated me is the debate over what cellulite actually is. Here we have an issue so widespread it affects up to 90% of women across the world, with lorryloads of creams and oils claiming to reduce it, yet still no one is in agreement over what cellulite is.

How then can any of these products help with the issue?

The answer is, they can’t. Without understanding what cellulite is, or its causes, these products can’t begin to help treat cellulite.

That’s where Legology differs in its approach to every other leg-centric or cellulite product or brand. We know, from years of research, that while cellulite is an issue that occurs with fat it is not a fat issue.

In other words, anywhere fat appears on the body, especially in more density, cellulite can also occur.

This is because the areas between fat cells can become bloated with excess fluid and it is this – not the fat itself – that causes the dimpled look on the skin above it. As the fluid fills in the spaces it pushes the cells out of place, the fibres that connect cells to skin become stretched and pull, and all of this amounts to a distortion at surface level.

That’s why you can have cellulite and be any shape, weight, fitness level or age.

And that’s why we call our oil Cellu-Lite, with a very important hyphen in the middle of the word. Our meaning of Cellu-Lite puts the emphasis on light because it lightens the area around the cells. That’s a very promise to removing fat which, as most of us now know, cannot be done with a cream or oil.

Cellu-lite for us is a whole-body issue which needs an inclusive approach to treat. That means anyone who wants to treat/reduce/manage it needs to be prepared to follow a lifestyle plan that includes exercise, diet and ideally massage. We know that this inclusive approach works. We’ve tested it and have the results to support our belief and regime. Find out more about how to join and access the Cellu-Lite Plan here.