Confidence in Menopause

“The classic challenges to a woman’s confidence entering the menopause and beyond are both physical and mental,” explains Kim Jacob, “This is why Lizzie Falconer and I got together.” The two women set up Beautiful-thinking to change the way we feel, see, look and experience life, to help women regain confidence lost during and after menopause.

“We aim to help our clients see the big milestones as new and exciting opportunities and to embrace the change as a next chapter. We are also determined to educate everyone on the menopause and what women are going through and we hold seminars in the work place for that very reason.”

KIM, a make-up artist and skincare expert tackles the ways our skin and face shape changes, and how this affects what makeup we’ll use. “Also the challenge of finding products that perform and enhance our wellbeing without hormone disruptors,” she explains, “And other challenges like brittle hair, nails, and itchy skin.”


LIZZIE, a hypnotherapist and meditation teacher, helps with the emotional challenges of the menopause. “That includes anxiety and depression, empty nest syndrome,loneliness, isolation and acceptance of ageing, as well as addictions to things like alcohol and sugar. It’s not easy for us women!”



  1. The right foundation and skincare for your changing skin tone can restore a youthful glow instantly.
  2. Wear what suits you as far as colours go and don’t always follow trends.
  3. By introducing a new routine you can give yourself a new flash of confidence. Treat yourself!



  1. Remember that this is your time and you deserve to spoil yourself a little or a lot. Equally, giving to or helping others unconditionally can bring you joy and make you feel good.
  2. Affirmations, repeating a positive sentence about yourself scientifically has been proven to change the way you feel about yourself, e.g. “I look amazing today!”
  3. Meditate- give yourself permission to sit down close your eyes and breath slowly and deeply for at lease 10 minutes everyday. Visualise yourself confident and loved.

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