Feel Better Fast

by Mollie Horne

Here at Legology HQ, it is our busiest time of the year so it is especially important for us to feel and look our best – for us this means starting from the feet up! With bare-legs season fast approaching, it is a good time to give your legs some attention and perhaps make a few small and easy changes that will impact how your whole body feels.

Here are my top 5 confidence boosters that will make you feel better fast and put pep in your step this spring.


For us, one of the top things you can do to feel better is to drink more water. Staying hydrated has many benefits including improved concentration, increased energy levels and can lead to healthier looking skin and even weight loss. The NHS recommends that we drink 6 to 8 glasses of fluid every day. For many of us this is a struggle so to make your water a bit more interesting, why not add fruit and make your own infusions. We are fans of lemon water because we find it that it helps to reduce bloating.

Our water choice – Volvic Natural Mineral Water is our choice because the low dry residue means that it is cleaner than any other water.


There is research to suggest that touch therapies are good for both your physical and mental health. We know that good massage is key to leg health as it releases trapped fluid and helps to lighten heavy legs. Legology have worked with top massage therapists to develop a bespoke massage protocol incorporating our Cellu-Lite oil. There are currently only two therapists in the world who offer this treatment! Please email us to join the waiting list.

Our massage oil choice – Cellu-Lite of course! It contains the deepest acting aromatherapy oils: Siberian fir, juniper, eucalyptus and lemon. Don’t forget that you can save 15% on your first purchase on our website.


How much do we love freshly painted nails? Red is the colour of confidence, so find your perfect red for fingers and toes. Think about your legs too – as well as promoting your circulation and lymph, our body brush will buff skin, making it really soft and bring fresh blood to the surface of the skin, giving it a healthy bloom and tone. All Legology products have the signature lemon scent which is naturally uplifting and mood-boosting – it’s a holiday in a jar!

Our red polish choice – A-List by Essie, is a real Legology red and suits all skin tones.



We read about a great study recently by the University of British Columbia showing that a single bout of physical exercise can make us feel stronger, slimmer, and happier overall with our bodies. That sounds like a great return on little output to us! There are certain exercises that really benefit your legs and lower body. Check out our Instagram page on a Monday for some inspiration.

Our trainer choice – Whether you want to amp up your walk to work or hit the gym, these Asics GEL-EXCITE 6 are comfortable and super stylish.


If you are like me, you would rather spend an extra 10 minutes in bed than have breakfast. But having a nutritious breakfast is so important. As well as making you feel good all day, studies show that eating breakfast can improve your memory! We like oat bran because it is high in fibre and absorbs water as food passes through the gut. Smoothies and juices are also great and adding ginger makes you feel ‘zingy’ and raring for the day ahead.

Our oat bran choice –  If you are short of time in the mornings, you can batch make oat bran porridge and keep it in the fridge for a week. Our favourite is Mornflake Oatbran. You can even make oat bran pancakes!