flying high with the aerialist

Have you ever watched an aerial dancer? Maybe you’ve actually tried this incredible form of in-air gymnastics? I’m fascinated by it, and especially by the skill and grace of young aerialist Mia Bloomfield. Mia has been dancing for most of her life and started developing her aerial skills to stand out in auditions. I talked to her about why she loves dancing in the air and her daily routine.

Kate: What was it about being an aerialist that attracted you?

Mia: “Since I was a child I’ve wanted to make a career out of dancing. But being such a competitive industry it’s really important to have other skills in order to help you to stand out in auditions and make you more employable so about 18 months ago I started to learn aerial! I feel it complements a dancer’s skill set really well and although aerial requires a lot more upper body strength than dance, there is a lot of overlap in technique which is really helpful”.

It’s such a beautiful art form and I’ve met so many amazing and inspiring people throughout my training

Kate: What does your typical training day look like?

Mia: “It depends on the day. If I’m doing an intensive course like I am at the moment I’ll head in to London for around 9am so I have a chance to settle and start to get my body warm and ready for the day ahead.  I’ll warm up with some cardio, conditioning and stretches and then start classes. They’re typically around an hour and a quarter each and I’ll do three a day, Monday to Thursday and then sometimes go in and practice for a few hours on Friday. The classes I do include hoop, Spanish web, silks, rope, trapeze and straps but I am definitely most confident in a hoop! The rest I am fairly new to.

“When I’m not doing an intensive course I have been training by myself two or three times a week either at My Aerial Home or in the rig I’ve set up in my garage which is still fun but I definitely work harder and learn better in a class environment”.

Kate: How has COVID 19 impacted you?

Mia: “Because of studios and gyms having to close my training so far has been very stop-start which was really frustrating because just as I was starting to feel like I was making progress, we would go into lockdown and everything would close again. It’s definitely impacted my motivation and some days are a real struggle, especially as there is very little work available in the entertainment industry for dancers and aerialists at the moment. I’m just trying to use the time I have at the moment as productively as possible so that I can come out of the pandemic the best performer I can be”.

Kate: Instagram tells me you love Legology Air-Lite, which is wonderful! How do you incorporate our hero and other Legology products into your routine?

Mia: “I have two tubes of Air-Lite, one that I keep in my gym bag and one for at home so I can top up whenever I feel I need a little boost, then I use the Cellu-Lite oil after my bath or shower and I apply that with the Lymph-Lite body brush.  Bruises are very common in dance and aerial so once any swelling has gone down I like to use the Circu-Lite cup over them with a little arnica cream as I’ve found it really helps to boost healing time!”

Kate: Which is your favourite Legology product and why?

“100% without a doubt Air-Lite!”

Mia: “I use it on my whole body and I love how light and refreshed it makes me feel. Because it’s so fast absorbing I can use it between rehearsals and shows without worry of getting it on my clothes or costumes and it definitely makes a difference to my performance.”

Kate: What are your top tips for strengthening/sculpting legs at home that readers can follow?

Mia: “You really don’t have to do anything too extreme, just regular, consistent exercise that focuses on working the leg and butt muscles! I personally like to do circuits, that way I can easily add extra rounds or switch up the exercises to adapt the workout to make it easier or harder, depending on the day.”

Here’s an example of one of Mia’s leg -strengthening and shaping circuits – all pretty do-able at home in 30 minutes:

  • 25 Plié pulses
  • 15 calf raises then 20 single leg calf raises (10 on each side)
  • 20 curtsey lunges (10 each side)
  • 30 fire hydrants (15 each side)
  • 20 hops from kneeling (10 each side)
  • 24 single leg hip thrusts (12 each side)
  • 30 seconds of mountain climbers

If you like the sound of aerial dancing you can learn! Visit My Aerial Home for more info.

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