goodbye to all that

by Kate Shapland

I’m writing this post in front of a roaring fire with a cup of tea and a mince pie beside me. Well, snow is in the air, so it seems appropriate. Mind you any kind of indulgence seems apt at this point – every one of us deserve to be spoiled after the year we’ve almost seen out.

I can scarcely believe we’re at the end of such a challenging year. And I often wonder how all of you have fared. Importantly, in the middle of such troubling times, have you managed to look after you, staying active, eating well and enjoying the odd indulgence – be it a long, hot soak in a bubble bath, glass of wine or chunk of chocolate? Actually, make that a packet of chocolate biscuits ..

For many, one of the greatest challenges has been the new uncertainty in life. Anxiety about the welfare of loved ones, old and young, work and businesses, and the future for us all is rife. And while many of us feel there is light at the end of the tunnel – mainly because of the arrival of a vaccine and the promise of brighter spring days (albeit not for about four months) – how do you predict the pandemic will impact on your life and what can you take away from it?

For what it’s worth, here are a few things I’ve relearned and tried to remember during some of the most extreme moments this year, and which I hope will stand me in good stead in the months to come:

  • Tenacity: definitely had to draw on this one in recent months and cling on to the visions that I was determined to see come to fruition. And there were quite a few ..  among them a shiny new website for Legology, specific new retail partners Harrods H Beauty, Next Beauty, Fenwick and a raft of new outlets in the Far East for Legology (check), and the Cellu-Lite Plan, which we launched earlier in the year following an incredibly successful and engaging roadtest by 20 brave souls during the first lockdown – our Plan Pioneers who form the DNA of the Legology brand. There’s our new end of year products too, LACCA Hard Knocks For Nails (which comes in a Cocktail Wear For Legs gift box with mini Air-Lite and Sun-Lite), and Exfo-Lite singles (wrapped in a gorgeous happy yellow sleeve), which we’ve just opened wait lists for on our site.
  • Patience: when the UK went into its first lockdown all the normal structures of life fell away. The worst of this, for me – and I suspect many others – was (and still is) separation from family and friends. On the plus side, we set up a family WhatsApp group with weekly challenges and quizzes, and I spent hours zooming with friends. That meant reconnecting regularly without the stuff that normally gets in the way (travel, drinking and driving, the expense of eating or drinking coffee out and child minders). On the business side, for Legology, lockdown meant weeks of uncertainty over stock production as our manufacturer was forced to operate with a skeleton staff, and closed warehouses around the world, which slowed down our ability to get products on our retailers’ shelves. That was a troubling and frustrating time, and needed a lots of patience and fortitude. The after effects are still being felt. And the lesson we took from it? Do bigger production volumes to maintain supply in the event of a pandemic (or another phenomenon).
  • Forgiveness: hastily, I might add, of myself! In other words not being so hard on oneself. I’m a details person, and I like to think that’s a strength, even though I know too-high expectations can be infuriating for everyone else. Equally though, it’s ok when some things aren’t as perfect as we would like – I now realise: definitely the greatest effect on me this year has been to stop beating myself up over things I can’t control. It’s rather liberating.
  • Quality: is everything! In spite of the above about high expectations, I still believe in quality – time (with friends and family), laughs (it’s helpful to your lymph too – see my post in this issue Let’s Have A Laugh!), purchases – whatever it is, face (or leg) cream, pair of trainers or kitchen saucepan, I expect it to be fit for purpose (and yes, this is a dig at all those online fashion scams, seemingly multiplying by the day and without any apparent regulation), and information, especially in beauty: everyone deserves to make decisions over their investments from an educated place, right?

What have you discovered about yourself this year?

This is our last Lift Off before Christmas, so at this point I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us this year and to wish all of you the happiest time in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I hope very much you all get some good rest and relaxation too, and are able to forget about some of the trickier moments we’ve all experienced. I’ll be back in the new year and I’m already looking forward to it!

Love, Kate x