Grown up Hair Care

As we mature, just like with our skincare regimes, we adapt our hair care rituals too. “Hormonal changes can affect sebum secretion and when you’re around 60 years of age, the scalp can become less supple and the hair more brittle,” explains Anabel Kinglsey, trichologist at Philip Kinglsey.

The hair’s density is compromised too; “Hair tends to get a little thinner and becomes more vulnerable to damage,” explains Sian Quinn, senior art team member at Headmasters, Soho. But there are up sides to maturing hair too; “Thanks to changes in texture, what was once fine, straight, glossy hair suddenly has volume,” says Sian.

And who said grey hair was a bad thing anyway? “Silver toned hair gives luminosity to the skin,” she adds. So here’s to embracing our locks, whatever their age.


In Praise of Grey

Ready to embrace your natural hue? “Grey has been a huge trend recently and it can actually be quite hard to achieve artificially,” explains Sian. Make sure yours stays bright and vibrant; “Grey hair can sometimes fade to a yellow colour due to pollution and minerals in the water we wash it in so use a silver shampoo to prevent this from happening.” Keep it well hydrated too with moisturising masks and treatments; “This is vital for maintaining a luxurious, youthful shine,” she says.


Colour Boost

If you’re not quite ready to go all-out grey, or you just love the feeling of having a fresh colour, try the new Mask Your Greys colour service at Headmasters ( – imagery by James Kemmenoe for Headmasters). With help from sneaky colour placement and a selection of tones that suit you, you’re left with a natural, low maintenance finish. Or give glossing a go – “Not only will it create a youthful shine but it will blend out any unwanted grey hairs instead of looking like you’ve had a fully permanent colour,” advises Sian. (We love the glossing service, and generally the whole salon experience at Josh Wood Atelier – 0203 393 0977).


The Cut Code

Contrary to popular belief, unless you need a more low-maintenance style, you don’t have to cut your hair short just because you’re getting older. “As you age, the most flattering lengths are actually between the collar bone and jaw but it all depends on your face shape,” explains Sian. For example; “Jamie Lee Curtis rocks a very short pixie crop but keeps it super feminine because she has petite features and a beautiful long neck. Dame Helen Mirren keeps a softer, much more forgiving bob to soften the features and angles on her face.” If you fancy a change, talk it through with your hair stylist in order to come up with the very best way to flatter your face shape.

  • L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Shampoo
    £11.50.Contains amino acids to maintain the condition of grey and white hair.

  • Philip Kinglsey Stimulating Scalp Mask
    £17.Encourages blood circulation and works to improve the hair’s texture.

  • Hair by Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray
    £22.Gives strong hold without giving brittle hair a sticky, dry finish.

  • Kerastase Densifique Densimorphose Thickening Mousse
    £22.Makes hair feel thicker without weighing it down.

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