How Cupping Works Magic On Legs

By Kate Shapland

Beauty tools are massively on trend at the moment and while the Legology cup is one of the weirder looking tools in the box it’s also one of the most effective leg contouring treatments you can give yourself. It works like dynamite with our Cellu-Lite oil! Lots of our customers have already discovered the remarkable contouring benefits of daily cupping. So how does it actually work?

Chinese medicine practitioners have been using cupping for thousands of years to treat a wide range of health problems by reducing body inflammation via suction.  The best way to think of it is as a massage in reverse.

Cupping therapy uses cups as tools to create negative pressure on the underlying tissues. This creates suction, or lift, on the area being treated, and that suction pulls the tissues up into the cup. So effects are similar to massage in that it has the following effects:

    • it increases blood and lymph flow
    • it loosens tight muscles and connective tissue
    • it breaks up adhesions
    • it helps drain stagnation
    • it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which causes the body to relax

How does cupping help?

In Chinese medicine, pain is viewed as stagnation or something that isn’t moving. If you have an injury, the swelling sometimes just sits there, or if you have arthritis, the inflammation doesn’t go anywhere. The idea with cupping is that it can help the body reabsorb the fluid and move the swelling out of the area.

How does cupping help cellulite?

Vacuum cups for cellulite, which are usually made from flexible silicone like our Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy For Legs, work by stimulating circulation and encouraging the detoxification process – a technique similar to body brushing, but on a deeper level. As the cups glide over the body they draw the skin into a vacuum, activating circulation and lymph, releasing trapped fluid around fat cells and in doing so ‘ironing out’ the bumps and dimples that we know as cellulite.

Is cupping painful?

Cupping isn’t painful, although we always recommend using it with an oil like our Cellu-Lite Salon Secrets For Legs, but it may leave a temporary red mark which is known as a ‘sha’ reaction. If you have a lot of stagnation in the area, you may see some of that reaction, but it won’t be as dark as a bruise and it will fade almost immediately. Also, when the circulation is given a boost, bringing blood to the surface of the skin, it creates redness alongside tone.