4. How To Be Active On The Plan

By Kate Shapland

Exercise is key to any cellulite action plan.

Why? Because when you move your lymph – the body’s natural waste disposal network – moves; when you are stationary it gets sluggish and that’s how excess fluid builds up in the body.

So make yourself a promise now: that you will – somehow – take a minimum 8000 steps (and ideally 10000) daily.

This can be challenging to fit into your day. The best ways to do it are to walk everywhere – up the stairs (never the elevator), round the park with the dog (twice), to work or walk a few bus stops, jump on a treadmill at lunch time or in the evening, or join an exercise class.

Aerobic activity – the treadmill, a spinning class, running or swimming – will all benefit your lymph, your contours and skin tone. Low impact exercise like yoga, Pilates or barre core work are also extremely helpful as activities that target cellulite-prone areas like thighs, hips and buttocks.

We’ll bring you more specific cellulite-targeted exercises in the coming weeks, but at this point just try to be aware of putting in the steps. Fitbit at the ready ..

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