Kim’s Story: One Volunteer’s Experience of the plan

By Kim London

Kim London, who lives in Australia, did the Cellu-Lite Challenge earlier this year and like all of the women who volunteered to be pioneers of this early stage of The Cellu-Lite Plan at that time she managed to keep going with it throughout lockdown and beyond. Kim wrote us a wonderful letter about her journey on the Challenge, which formed the basis of The Cellu-Lite Plan, which we are reproducing here:

As a Cellulite Challenge pioneer I can say this was an experience that has forever changed the way I look at cellulite and my legs. In eight weeks, I managed to achieve something I have never been able to do – smoother, much less dimpled, silky soft legs! Legs I felt good about, legs my husband commented on.

“Along the way I had a delightful experience of the most beautiful group of women helping to inspire and encourage one another to really embrace a lifestyle change for long enough to become a habit”

- Kim

Together we drank our early morning lemon water, ate our oat bran and celebrated our successes or encouraged each other after small setbacks on our journey towards legs we felt better about and some beautiful friendships.

As our journey continued little things were added in by Legology Founder Kate to further help us achieve our goal. We were educated about food, exercise, Swedish showers and the power of encouragement.

What I learnt as a Cellulite Challenge pioneer is that the secret to better legs is all about getting your lymphatic system going. Unlike our circulatory system, which moves blood around our bodies, our lymph needs a helping hand.

Guess what? It benefited more than just my legs. I noticed my facial skin would flush when I was completing my Legology routine. People at work said, ‘what are you using for your skin?’.

Before the Challenge

We were asked a few key questions like these:

Are you able to commit fully to the challenge?

My answer to this included the fact that I enjoy and feel invigorated by self- care, exercise and positive nutrition. I enjoy the challenge that comes with commitment and I made a promise to Legology (and myself) to commit fully to the requirement of the Challenge.

Why do you want to take part in Legology’s Cellulite Challenge?

In this case my answer was that the Challenge represented an amazing opportunity to learn more about leg care as a total wellness philosophy from an expert (in Kate the founder of Legology) and to enhance my own knowledge of how best to care for the health and comfort of my legs. Supporting them with good nutrition, exercise and quality self-care products.

Additionally, I hoped my own contribution would help to inspire others to take the challenge themselves. Embracing their bodies and enjoying the experience of positive self-care.

Looking back at the Challenge

How I found the food plan:

I enjoyed it! I will add a disclaimer to say I naturally enjoy eating healthy foods and so to be honest it was an extension of an existing lifestyle choice.

Commencing the day with half a lemon squeezed into hot water was a new tip I got from Kate. It is a refreshing way to start your morning knowing before you even start you have given your body a fresh start.

Oat bran is really lovely, and I found it easy to get used to. It is one of the key foods recommended by Kate in the diet.

Just two tablespoons per day mixed in yoghurt or baked into oat bran muffins was an easy change.

It was fun trying new meal suggestions from Kate and the other Challenge pioneers and we had a great time sharing our photos and inspiring one another. Even sharing recipes and photos of how they had turned out.

The exercises I liked:

Kate’s famous four!

The derriere burning experience is not be underestimated – it will leave you wondering how you will complete the last set. Just do it, do it, do it, as the ‘’lift’’ both from an endorphin perspective and quite literally is a feel-good moment every time.

You can share your pain with your fellow challengers so that each time you feel the burn it brings a smile to your face. I did this with one of the other pioneers. To this day I cannot do the famous four without a smile or thinking about her. She has told me it is the same for her!

I also loved introducing as many steps into my day as I could via long walks.

Sometimes I would not feel like my walk, but I don’t ever remember regretting it after I got back. It’s so easy to introduce and you feel great knowing you have done something good for yourself.

My routine:

During the Challenge I used Legology products and did my leg routine both morning and evening. After 8 weeks I now do my leg routine once daily to maintain my results.

Upon rising half a lemon squeezed into hot water.
Oat bran for breakfast. Healthy choices for lunch and dinner. At least 1.5 litres of clean drinking water every day.

I love green juice and usually make myself a cold pressed green juice in the morning using cucumber, celery, fresh ginger, baby spinach, parsley, half lemon (no rind) and coriander, if I have it. It is not for the faint hearted! However, you will get used to it and your skin will thank you.

Dry body brush, shower, then an application of Cellu-Lite oil followed by suction cupping on each leg, then finishing with a light application of Air-Lite.

Daily exercise of some sort most days trying to get 10,000 steps in for the duration of the 8-week challenge.

I combined this with weight training and body weight training. However, regular gym work was already part of my routine before the challenge.

The community support:

Amazing, life changing and wonderful to say the least.

What a bold statement to make but I can honestly say the camaraderie of other women all doing the same thing and encouraging one another is an experience I will remember for life.

I am so grateful to have met the women who were members of the group and to hear about their stories and have them listen to mine.

It encouraged and inspired me to keep going and to do the best I could. We were all in it together. I found that a powerful motivator.

Doing the Challenge through COVID-19:

You would think that the last thing you would need during COVID-19 is a Challenge, wouldn’t you?

For me it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If I had not made the commitment to the Challenge I don’t know if I would have looked after myself like I did. It would have been easy to sink into depression and apathy and let my mind rule my body.

It turned out to be such a good thing to do in COVID-19 for so many reasons.

The uplifting aroma of the Cellu-Lite oil was a gift in itself. I found it such wonderful way to start and finish my day. To this day I find the smell makes me feel good. You can also try a little in the bath – it’s so relaxing before bed time and a lovely treat. Cellu-Lite oil is one of Legology’s hero products and my very favourite product from the range.

Given I had committed I also wanted to keep my promise, so I continued to exercise most days, if not every day. The uplifting effects of exercise cannot be underestimated and are so good for the mind.

I had promised to nurture my body and eat healthily, and I did. Eating well is even more important at this time as we need to do all we can to stay healthy and well.

Perhaps most of all, the care and support of fellow challengers. Sometimes on the saddest of days during the pandemic the realisation that we are just human, and we are all experiencing this pandemic together can be very grounding.

It was often noted that reading our little private Facebook exchanges was both comforting and joyful at such a challenging time in all our lives. I won’t easily forget the experience or the joy of those moments.

I am so grateful to have had the experience and to continue to be able to have an association with Legology. It has become part of my life.

How did I feel about the results at the end?

I loved seeing the progress during the Challenge and the results at the end were more than I had hoped for to be honest.

The Challenge lasted for 8 weeks so I was busy body brushing, cupping and massaging away like mad and doing all that had been recommended however it was not until around the end of week 3 I felt like something was starting to happen with my legs, but was I imagining it?

The colour and quality of my skin changed, and people started to comment on my facial skin as well. No doubt all the lymph movement was starting to pay dividends.

This was very exciting, and I was then really looking forward to seeing the results at week 8.

I can say my legs looked the best at the end of the 8-week Challenge than they ever have in my life. The skin quality was better, the dimpling much much less (almost invisible) and the skin was tighter. Also, my facial skin was glowing!

"I will never look at leg care the same way and learnt so much. I have introduced daily body brushing; cupping and I use Legology daily"

- Kim

I hope I that you enjoy the Legology routine and products and that you fall in love with your legs.

Love Kim xo (Melbourne, Australia)