Leg Night: The Ultimate Leg Self-Care Night In

Your twice weekly routine to give your legs the VIP treatment they deserve - because leg-care shouldn't stop at shaving.

By Kate Shapland
Woman in bath

Night in. Bliss. What does your beauty down time consist of? If you fancy something a little different to a face mask, mani or pedi, how about treating your legs? They’ll thank you for it, especially after a work out. Here we go.

Run the bath: add a few drops of Cellu-Lite Salon Secret For Legs, our superb detoxifying aromatherapy blend, and while you wait for the tub to fill break open a sachet of Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts For Legs. Our dedicated leg scrub is a blend of deeply detoxing and skin smoothing Himalayan pink salts and sea salt with a dash of lemon peel and oil. You apply it to dry skin. So step into the bath and before you sit down for a soak massage the salts into your legs from feet to hips and small circular movements. Pay special attention to your knees and heels, areas where dead skin can easily build up, and be gentle but diligent with your shins – covered with a thin layer of skin but again prone to dryness. Now sit down and soak. You’ll find the exfoliating salts melt into the water and leave your legs (and entire body) wonderfully soft and smooth.

TOP TIP: Before you get out of the bath, stand up again and use the shower head to spritz your legs with intermittent blasts of cool and warm water. It's incredibly helpful to the circulation; you'll notice it in the way your legs have a new pinkness and tone.

Towel dry: use the towel to buff skin as you dry, enhancing the smoothing benefits of Exfo-Lite. Once you’re dry take a seat and apply Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs. This incredible cream, filled with deep drainage properties to give relief too tired, heavy legs, has enough slip to give legs a massage. Start at your toes, using your thumbs to gently massage the skin over the bridge of your feet, around the edge of your soles and ankle bone in little circular patterns. Push up your legs – sides, fronts and backs of shins – with your thumbs and when you get to the back of your knee, use your knuckles (with hand in a fist) to gently massage here where there is a density of lymph. Now use your thumbs to push the cream up over your thighs and gently knead the area over your outer thighs where cellulite often manifests.

Now, pull on your pyjamas and get horizontal on the sofa. Once there, put your feet up so they’re above your head and stay like that for as long as possible to allow the fluid to drain back up your legs and relieve any puffiness.  A large glass of water with a slice of lemon is the perfect finish!

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