time to get festive!

What makes you feel festive? The trigger for me has always been shopping for Christmas presents. That’s obviously not had quite the same effect this year with the focus on e-comm, which is rather sad (although at least we’re not going to be subjected to Merry Christmas Everybody or Fairytale of NewYork 15000 times as we work our way around the shop). But on my way to work this week I passed a coffee shop and caught a waft of cinnamon from freshly-made buns, and I got fully Christmass’d!

Since then, I’ve got a wreath up on the front door and bought a festive jumper (there’s always a first for everything). How about you? Here’s what gets some of the rest of the Legology team into the Christmas spirit:

“Decorating the Christmas tree while listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album”. Katie, marketing executive.

Hard not to feel festive when your home/office (all one and the same as we know) is filled with greenery, baubles, tinsel and glitter. Carol singing (on the radio because it’s not going to happen anywhere else) or festive music – be it Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Band Aid (Do They Know It’s Christmas 1984), Wizzard (sorry, it can’t be avoided) or Bing Crosby – ramps it all up.

“Christmas lights and how magical they look at night when you’re out and about!” Tam, sales director.

I’m so with Tam on this one! The lights are one of the things I’ve missed most this year as so many shops haven’t been able to do the festive thing.

“Christmas music, and being in London and seeing all of the Christmas trees and lights there.” Faye, distribution director.

Yes – nothing like glimpsing a Christmas tree through someone’s window either to get you in the festive mood. And to make you want to go straight home out of the cold and never leave the house again.

“The smell of mulled wine. Mariah Carey’s Christmas song on the radio. Fairy-lit London. Family time”. Marissa, LA ambassador.

Bring me the mulled wine! I only drink spirits – not wine or champagne. But mulled wine I simply can’t resist! There’s nothing better than a glass of this with a stick of cinnamon in it – or hot chocolate for that matter – while you’re decorating, baking or watching a movie. Bring on The Grinch Stole Christmas.

“The dark nights and the smell of cinnamon! Lighting a Christmassy scented candle and doing some restorative yoga under a cosy blanket”. Claire, yoga expert

And as for Mariah, no one does Christmas dressing like she does. Out-there wear (think festive knits and reindeer horns) seems to go hand-in-hand with Christmas, probably because of the guy in the red suit himself. And this is the first year I haven’t seen one feature on the best party dress or shoes. But isn’t it a relief when you can pull on your cosy PJ’s and thick socks or slippers at the end of Christmas or Boxing day to munch leftovers and watch more TV?

Enjoy it all dear friends.