Ocean Fresh: How To Use Sea Salt Body Scrub

The must-have foundation step to your shower routine for glowy, soft skin.

By Kate Shapland

There’s nothing like exfoliation for waking your whole body up – it can be a truly reviving experience. Often though, it really isn’t. Body exfoliators especially can be very underwhelming, with too few abrasive grains, too slippery texture and a less than lovely synthetic fragrance. 

What are sea salts?

The real deal comes in the form of mineral-rich sea salts; these provide the best way to gently exfoliate, replenish and detox your skin, they provide a real awakening for the body and senses, sweeping away dead cells and boosting circulation to reveal fresher, clearer skin. Add Himalayan pink salts to the mix, as Legology has done with our Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts For Legs, and you get the extra benefit of some deep drainage action to support the lymph, the body’s natural waste disposal network, and a deeper cleanse. 

So, how do you use sea salt body scrub?

Apply to your legs

First, step into the shower, and before switching it on apply the exfoliator to dry legs first. Scoop a palmful from the sachet and massage it gently in small circles – the salts will work their magic without you needing to rub too hard (and don’t forget the skin on your shins is thinner and more fragile so needs a lighter tough) – and focus on areas prone to dryness and scaliness like shins and heavily lined zones like knees and heels. Now use sweeping movements, upwards from heels to knees and over thighs to hips to encourage lymph drainage.  

Take your time 

Spend time over your application, it’s important to apply salts thoroughly enough to see a pinkness to the skin to show that nutrient-rich, freshly oxygenated blood has come to the surface of the skin to nourish it, and the lymph is moving. 

Apply to your stomach

Now, apply more exfoliator to your stomach. Use the opposite hand, sweeping from one side of the stomach to the other, then repeat with the other hand. Using light circular movements massage in the direction of the colon from the lower right-hand side of the stomach, up under ribs and down the opposite side.

Apply to your arms and chest

If you have enough exfoliating salts left in your Exfo-Lite sachet give your arms and shoulders a quick buff. Apply exfoliator by sweeping down your neck and across your shoulder blade. Work the product in and repeat on the other side. Now sweep the product across your chest and down the opposite arm to the hand. With small circular movements work back upwards finishing at the underarm. 

Rinse and finish

Now it’s time to rinse and finish. Switch the shower on and rinse the exfoliator off. As you do so you’ll find that Exfo-Lite turns to a milky fluid which softens and lightly scents skin. When you step out of the shower, pat your skin dry with a towel rather than rubbing it to allow the softening milk to carry on moisturising skin. 

You’ll find that this is the perfect time to apply oil or cream – Legology Cellu-Lite oil, which gives targeted detoxifying benefits, and Air-Lite contouring cream was made for this moment: smooth on one or both, with the oil applied to areas of congestion and bumpiness. Wondering how often to use salt scrub? Once or twice a week is the perfect amount.

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