post holiday replenish: stay in that bubble

How long does your post-holiday glow usually last? That sun-kissed, rested skin that money can’t buy? Perhaps a little longer this year, with a little help from some friends…


Start on the plane home – spritz ElequraBoosting pH Mist£35 ( will cool, soothe and reduce inflammation, whilst replacing lost moisture lost in transit. “Ensure your skincare is full of topical antioxidants like Vitamin C, again to curtail free radical damage,” says Aesthetician and Black Skin Directory Founder, Dija Ayodele. We love Indeed Labs C24 £24.99 ( Think of it as a tonic for holiday skin and beyond. “Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHAs) are also a must because they flood the skin with moisture and work well across all skin tones,” adds Dija, “They help to calm irritation and inflammation, and gently exfoliate away dry skin quickly.” Try NeoStrata Restore Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream 10 PHA £32 ( “UltraSun Aftersun Gel £19 (M&S) is also very good lightweight, long-lasting hydrator and with a sophisticated ingredient called Superoxide Dismutase which mops free radical damage to the skin caused by UV rays,” says Dija.

Ensure your skincare is full of topical antioxidants like Vitamin C, again to curtail free radical damage


To brighten up when you’re feeling those holiday blues setting in, whack on a sheet mask (we love Patchology Flashmasque Illuminate £28 Space NK), and put your feet up. Talking of feet, you might find that holiday pedicure you treated yourself too just a couple of weeks ago is now chipped and dry, especially if you’ve been flip-flopping to sandy beaches and chlorinated waters? Press reset with Seoulista Beauty Rosy Toes Instant Pedicure £7.99 (, which will soften, soothe and hydrate feet, as well as fading any post-holiday pigmentation and dodgy tan residue.

Press reset with a pedicure


Your hair could be as parched as your skin – salt water, chlorine and even UV will wreak damage on the strongest hair. Coco & Eve Like a Virgin 5 in 1 hair mask £34.99 ( contains fig and shea butter to nourish and detangle hair without weighing it down; linseed to improve gloss and texture, and Argan oil to tame frizz. Plus Raw Virgin Bali coconut for a healthy scalp AND that holiday scent!

Linseed improves hair gloss


I can’t deny it – I love a tan. I haven’t sunbathed since I was 17 but that doesn’t stop me slicking one on from a tube! Legology Sun Lite Sheer Lingerie For Legs £38 cools, hydrates and softens, but even better, the subtle tint and a hint of pearl gives legs ‘un tocco del sol’ – a touch of sun.

Maintain ‘un tocco del sol’ – a touch of sun – on bare limbs