Detox Kit

Anti-Cellulite Kit For Legs
1 x 100ml e 3.3 fl.oz 1 x suction cup
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Targets cellulite to intensify body-shaping and helps to relieve fluid retention, puffiness & heaviness.

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The kickass couple. 

Nothing, but nothing, crushes cellulite like this duo.

The most intense targeted contouring hit your legs can have from Legology comes in this kit: our Circu-Lite suction cup and Cellu-Lite oil work like the dream partnership to smooth out dimples, reduce the classic bumpiness of cellulite on thighs and around knees (you can use both on your upper arms too) as well as giving the skin a cleaner, smoother appearance. Indeed, this really is a kickass double whammy for fluid retention: the cup and oil excel at kicking a lazy lymph into action and you’ll find no better cellulite solution.


Our products are presented in recyclable jars and tubes and World Land Trust (WLT) certified carbon balanced cartons sourced from responsible forests.


cellu-lite ingredients

Extraordinary Ingredients

Juniper berry oil: known for its detoxifying and antimicrobial properties. Making it good for evening out skin tone including areas of cellulite.

Lemon:  Specifically known for it’s antioxidant as well as exfoliant properties. Consequently, making it good for smoothing out and energising skin including bumpy areas found in cellulite

Siberian fir: Known for its calming properties, therefore making it great for relaxing and soothing anxious feelings

Eucalyptus: Known for it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Good for cleansing and intense hydration as well as evening out skin tone.

How To Use

  1. Apply the oil to areas of cellulite on legs, ie front, side and backs of thighs, from knees to upper thighs, with medium circular movements.
  2. Use the cup immediately after an application of Cellu-Lite oil.
  3. In order to use the cup, close the open end and rest the closed end on your skin (where you have applied the oil). Then, release it slowly so it traps the skin inside like a vacuum.
  4. Subsequently drag it up your leg, from knee to upper thighs, gently.
    Finally, repeat this technique in lines from knees over thighs going around the leg as far as possible.


For external use only. Keep out of eyes.


A wonderfully clean and refreshing blend of aromatherapy oils blended exclusively for Legology. With a citrus base made with oils of lemon and grapefruit, the scent has hints of eucapyptus, fir and juniper berry with undertones of rosemary. It’s intoxicating, stimulating and energising – everything a deeply detoxifying oil should be

Ingredients List

Coconut oil, Sweet Brazilian orange oil, Eucalyptus oil, Grapefruit oil, Tunisian rosemary oil, Patchouli oil, Green mandarin oil, Chinese geranium oil, Siberian pine needle oil, Arvensis peppermint oil, Bourbon vetivert oil, Juniper berry oil, English camomile oil, Australian sandalwood oil.

Frequently asked questions

Safe to use whilst pregnant? Whilst Cellu-Lite is safe to use whilst pregnanct, given the sensitive nature of your skin during pregnancy, we advise against using the Circu-Lite massage cup whilst pregnant. If you are a regular user pre-pregnancy and do want to continue using during pregnancy then we suggest you seek advice from your midwife or GP. 

How long will this last me? If using once a day your Cellu-lite bottle will likely last you 1-2 months. Of course, if you use it in the bath as a bath oil it will mostly be closer to a month. 

Is this kit vegan? Yes. 

Do you test on animals? No, we absolutely do not test any of our products on animals. 

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.


"Nothing gives cellulite the kick that these two do. And the more you use them the better the results get"


Designed to make visible results within a matter of weeks, we’ve put our anti cellulite oil and Circu-Lite vacuum massage cup to the test and the results are transformational! Besides Cellu-Lite smelling like a dream the potent formula packs a punch.


  • Cellu-Lite & Circu-Lite are clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of cellulite


  • 91% agreed that Cellu-Lite and Circu-Lite makes their legs feel less puffy
  • 91% agreed that Cellu-Lite and Circu-Lite make the skin feel hydrated
  • 86% agreed that Cellu-Lite and Circu-Lite helps to reduce the visibility of the imperfections caused by cellulite
  • 86% agreed that Cellu-Lite and Circu-Lite make the skin feel firmer / more toned
  • 86% would buy the product at the end of this study (regardless of its price)
  • 77% agreed that the product delivered noticeable differences in 4 weeks
  • 86% agreed that the product delivered noticeable differences in 6 weeks.
*tested on 22 women in an independent clinical study (12 weeks) **tested on 22 women in an independent user trial (12 weeks)

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Detox Kit Anti-Cellulite Kit For Legs
1 x 100ml e 3.3 fl.oz 1 x suction cup


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