Targeted Leg

Detox Kit
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Feeling a little puffy? Hormone havoc causing congestion? Overdone it on a night out? This kit is our most intensive and targeted detox treatment, perfect for blitzing bloat and heaviness in puff-prone zones like thighs, hips, buttocks and knees.

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Targeted Leg will be back in stock soon

  • Cellu-Lite

    Salon Secret for Legs

    Aromatherapy deep detoxifying & leg-lightening oil

  • Circu-Lite

    1 cup

    Deep lipo-massage treatment

    Targeted Leg will be back in stock soon

For maximum rewards:

Massage deep detox aromatherapy oil Cellu-Lite into affected areas, using medium to hard pressure. Boost deep drainage and clear congestion using Circu-Lite: squeeze the open end of the cup together, place it onto your skin and release, allowing a vacuum to form inside the cup, then slowly pull the cup upwards from knees over thighs, release and repeat in lines.

Extra tips from the Legologist:

Apply Cellu-Lite to the entire leg if you wish or add it to a bath and massage your legs while you soak; after your shower/bath add a few drops of the oil to the bristles of your body brush and flick it over your legs.


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