What Can Body Brushing Do For You?

By Kate Shapland
Woman in swimsuit and shirt sitting on the beach

Body brushing has been proved to be able to reduce cellulite by 25% in two weeks. So why aren’t you doing it?

If you’re body brushing daily – or even just when you remember – chances are that you’ve noticed the benefits it brings. If not, get ready to acquaint yourself with one of those rare things that delivers 100-fold on very little input.

Get ready too to have a few myths busted on this. There is a lot of nonsense talked about body brushing – one of which is that it helps to break up fat – and it’s about time the record was set straight.


The first of those (perhaps the most surprising) is that no one needs to body brush for more than 30 seconds, and very often less. You could add brushing to your routine while barely noticing it. All you need is to flick our body brush over your skin for a quick 20-30 seconds. You can do this in the shower/bath on wet skin, before or after a shower/bath on dry skin – it really doesn’t matter as long as you get the flick action right. If you brush after bathing, try adding a drop of Cellu-Lite Salon Secret For Legs to the bristles to maximise the benefits of both oil and brush. And leave you wonderfully scented.


The secret to the most effective body brushing is the way it’s done. All that’s requirement is quick flicks – from hands to shoulders, feet to thighs, over tummy, hips and buttocks. Remember to pay special attention to underarms and the fleshy bit behind your knees.  Body brushing is not about breaking up fat: bypass any body brush with plastic knobbles in between the bristles – it’s probably more expensive, it’s not environmentally friendly and it’s totally pointless. What are those knobbles supposed to do? Break up fat? Not possible friends.

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  • WHY?

    So many reasons!

    • Lymph stimulation: this is the main reason for body brushing. Lymph is the network of vessels that run just beneath your skin which carries away matter for the body to eliminate. The lymph rarely gets mentioned but it’s incredibly important – especially to the formation of cellulite and heavy legs. It only moves when you move.  So, if you spend the day sitting down at a desk it stops. Your system starts to get sluggish and you feel bloated because the lymph isn’t working efficiently to eliminate toxins. The thing to remember about your lymph is that it’s delicate. It doesn’t need tough scrubbing love from a brush, just quick, light flicks over the skin. This is what it responds to best.
    • Circulation stimulation: alongside the lymph, body brushing also increases your circulation which helps to send freshly oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin, giving it a fresh pinkness and tone. Improved circulation also makes you feel energised.
    • Smoother skin: naturally, body brushing exfoliates skin and makes it smoother, but this isn’t its primary reward.

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