She wrote about beauty for some 30 years for the national press, winning Beauty Journalist of the Year twice. Then our founder, Kate Shapland, developed Legology to deliver leg care that would make a real difference to common leg issues and be a true feelgood experience for the wearer.

With an emphasis on lifestyle and the lymph, Legology enhances the body’s own cleansing process to improve leg contours and care.

The world’s only dedicated leg care brand, and offers refined solutions that women can trust.

“In 25 years as a beauty writer, Legology - a dedicated leg care brand with truly effective contouring and de-puffing formulas and a feel good experience - was the brand I could not find. It didn’t exist. So I made it myself!”



While providing physical support to carry us through life, legs can be subject to emotional conflict as their shape and wellbeing can really impact how we feel. Legs change through life’s chapters, with cellulite, fluid retention and vascular issues often impacting to make them heavy, tired and uncomfortable.


The lymph is the body’s natural cleansing and drainage system.  Stimulating the lymph, which flows in a network of vessels under the skin, offsets the congestion which is connected to a range of leg concerns, namely cellulite, puffiness, achiness, heaviness and skin dullness. Read more about the lymph here.


We understand the true significance of the lymphatic system and the effects that this natural cleansing network has on our legs. Working with a French chemist, Kate created a pioneering ingredients blend, the Lymphology® Complex, a combination of plant based actives – including caffeine, lemon and butcher’s broom – to promote lymph flow and drainage, helping to streamline and lighten heavy, tired legs.

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We are (literally) here for you every step of the way.

From powerful cellulite busting oil to buttock defining cream, a two-salt glow exfoliator and a depuffing lymph-boosting magical mix, we create products that make you feel great from the feet up.  And as good leg care needs an inclusive approach that considers nutrition and activity our products are accompanied by an information hub, Lite-Style™, with a library of articles written by Kate for you to maximise the leg-loving benefits of Legology.

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The smell of happiness and holidays, our signature scent is a mix of Amalfi lemon, mandarin, rose and bergamot, and once experienced it’s never forgotten – just like that wonderful trip you once had to Italy or Greece or France. Created specially for us by the renowned French fragrance house Robertet, it oozes Mediterranean sea and sun. And that’s helpful on a cold wintery morning when you need to get up and go.


All cardboard and plastic used by Legology is 100% recyclable.

Our product boxes are all certified by the World Land Trust (WLT), the UK charity that works to create reserves and give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife around the world, meaning that the card we use is carbon balanced.

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