Legology is the result of a long voyage to realise a dream.  Ever since I started writing about beauty some 25 years ago I’ve been fascinated by legs and their wellbeing.

I wanted to develop a dedicated brand that offered inclusive support for leg shape, comfort and health.  After many years of research I finally got to work with a highly respected French chemist on the formulas, creating them from scratch to make them genuinely pioneering, effective and – importantly – wonderful to use and wear.

Frequency brings results with beauty, so to my mind products must feel like a joy to use, never a chore.  I asked the perfume house Robertet to create an elegant signature scent for Legology – something that evokes holidays and makes you feel carefree, confident and full of positive energy from the feet up, every time they’re used.


Follow Kate’s diary to see where she’s been lately and what’s coming up from Legology.

  • Legology loves Niche
    3 May, 2019

    The new glossy brochure that German beauty retailer Niche Boutique publish twice a year is always a welcome arrival through the letterbox, and the current issue is the best so far. Legology has pride of place in the book, alongside beauty heavyweights Susanne Kaufmann and African Botanics. Legology has been available in Germany and Austria for a couple of years and it has a huge following there – especially Cellu-Lite Salon Secret For Legs.

  • watching Paul work his magic again
    3 May, 2019

    Legology looked after the models’ legs again for Paul Costelloe’s autumn/winter 19 runway show and we had front row seats to view the collection – a joyful presentation of tweed and leather. We’ve contributed to this show for several seasons now and we love it because it’s a proper family affair – all of Paul’s family are involved in bringing the collection together and there’s something really Legology about that.

  • talking at the BCA seminar
    3 May, 2019

    Very honoured to have been asked to talk about my career, Legology and the British Beauty Council at the BCA (Beauty Companies Association) seminar. I always enjoy telling the tale about how my name was changed from Kate to Chloe when I went to work as a secretary in the fashion office at Harpers Bazaar (then Harpers & Queen): the fashion editor decided there were too many Kates in the office, and that I needed something more fashionable. It got a little confusing when my mother rang up to speak to me, but in the fickle way that the media operates said fashion editor was shortly moved on and I went back to being Kate. The devil definitely did (and does still) wear Prada.

  • in love (again) with Dior
    3 May, 2019

    Some years ago the Telegraph commissioned me to write a feature about Christian Dior’s childhood garden in Granville, and it was one of those memorable trips that made me remember why I wanted to be a writer. One of the highlights of the garden was discovering the original patch of lilies of the valley, in a small dark corner near the pond. Dior loved lilies and he used to sew them into the hems of his runway models’ dresses and skirts to bring good luck to the collection. I’d been longing to see the Dior exhibition at the V&A since I had a sneak press preview at the end of last year, and I finally made it – thanks to my sister who booked the tickets. How do I begin to tell you which my favourites were? I suppose the big moment for me was seeing the original iconic New Look, created just after the war to bring a new face and hope to fashion, style and life. And the affirmation that in life detail really is all.

  • springtime in Singapore!
    3 May, 2019

    I recently visited Singapore as part of a media trends trip with Net-a-Porter to meet some of the influencers who love Legology and had a ball. Long journey – it was a 13 hour flight – and hot (33 degrees) with high humidity, so Legology was a complete life-saver for me. I applied Air-Lite before I left home, then put on my support socks and didn’t take them off until I got to the hotel at the other end and had to put on a pair of heels for an evening dinner. I had one of those moments then that I sometimes get with Legology where I realise how thoroughly brilliant the products are and am slightly amazed at myself for having developed them in the first place. What me?

  • the British Beauty Council think tank
    3 May, 2019

    The Council, which I co-founded, hosted its first think tank on Monday and was attended by the cream of the beauty business – much talent and experience in one room! Our aim was to flesh out each of the pillars that create the basis of the Council – education, innovation and reputation – and how we can present and implement these. I sat in on the innovation group, hosted by Glossier COO Gemma Bellman, and we talked about how to create genuinely meaningful mentorship and support for new and niche beauty companies. From my POV, this means giving the founders of start and scale up companies advice on how to manage cash flow against growth, pitch a business plan for investment and approach retailers. All of these areas have been challenging for me and I like to think that the Council will ultimately make the process of creating and holding a small business together a little easier.

  • circu-lite squeeze therapy for legs
    18 December, 2017

    Did I introduce you to this little treat yet? It’s had the editors in stitches and I know it looks a little curious (understatement), but Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy For Legs – our new rubber suction cup – is actually a super effective way to enhance your lymph: it vacuums the skin and pulls the lymph along as you drag it up your legs – which is why our new team of Legologists use it, with Cellu-Lite, in the Legology Signature Leg-Contouring Treatment. You’ll find it on our site.

  • filming legology video
    13 December, 2017

    It was high time we recorded some video on how to apply our products – there are special techniques which maximise the products’ performance. Luckily I have a rather clever friend who directs video, so we spent a day at her house filming my husband’s cousin Claire applying Legology products to her rather wondrous legs, with some application films proving trickier than others – especially the use of Exfo-Lite in the shower. We got there in the end, and the results will be up on the site shortly.

  • meeting the editors
    12 November, 2017

    It was so much fun meeting the editors to introduce them to Cellu-Lite and Circu-Lite. Pretty much all of them were wearing distinctive DryBy manicures designed by Alessandra Steinherr, Glamour beauty director – the dot design you see here are on Grazia beauty director Rose Beer’s hands. There’ll be more about Alessandra in part two of our blog Lift Off (published on 20 Nov), along with a line-up of the digital queens we think you’ll enjoy following.

  • when magic happens
    12 November, 2017

    It really does! It’s hard to describe the feeling when you see the product you have spent months developing, and agonising over, finally materialise. The really odd thing is (and I’ll never get used to this) that until it arrives, you never know exactly what it’s going to be like. You see it at every stage – juice, bottle, cap, label, box, insert – everything, even a mock-up. But none of this resembles the final manifestation in its cello-wrapped glory. I’m so proud of Cellu-Lite Salon Secret For Legs. I feel like I had the hardest battle with this product: there seemed to be so many disappointments along the way and I had to say the serenity prayer many times, yet that made me more determined to get this beautiful product to market. I really do believe that the things in life you really have to sweat over turn out to be the best. And all I can hope is that our faithful customers will agree. Cellu-Lite is the magic bullet our therapists will be using in the Legology Signature Leg-Contouring Massage Treatment which we have devised as well and are launching, along with our own tiny team of Legologists shortly. I am now going to pat myself on the back and breathe out.

  • the british beauty council
    12 November, 2017

    At long last the British beauty industry has a body to represent it inclusively at government level. And in short this is largely down to the efforts of Millie Kendall (left in this picture taken at a recent meeting), co-founder of BeautyMart, who recognised long ago that a group which could lobby on behalf of every aspect of our business – from retail to manufacture, logistics to journalism and blogging, hair care to makeup artistry and beyond – and promote and look after its interests in much the same way as the British Fashion Council have done so brilliantly, was much needed. Along with Anna-Marie Solowij (right in the picture), ex beauty director of Vogue and co-founder of BeautyMart, Jane Boardman, CEO of Talk PR, Catherine Handcock, publisher of Creative Head, myself and an impressive line-up of supportive individuals (to be revealed) we founded the British Beauty Council. We are currently structuring the group, but if you work in beauty you can sign up to become a member on our website holding page here. There will be plenty more on this to come, so please join us to stay updated.

  • terror-struck at qvc
    12 November, 2017

    I spent an intriguing and nerve-shattering day at QVC recently learning about how to be a good guest on the shopping programme. But nerves are frankly the least of your worries in this situation – there is much to remember in helping viewers understand your offering and all its benefits in a very short space of time, and that’s before you get the earphones in to enable the gallery to direct you. All I can is it’s a challenge, but one I’m looking forward to rising to. We’ll keep you posted on the broadcast date. Bring on January 2018!

  • london fashion week s/s18
    19 September, 2017

    Legology had an early start yesterday when we joined Irish designer Paul Costelloe backstage before his s/s18 collection showing during LFW. Legology cameraman Marc and I were able to film the girls getting ready to walk the runway – which involved applying Legology Air-Lite to perfect their bare legs – to show Paul’s designs for next spring. The video will be up on the site soon – we’ll keep you posted

  • lipstick literature liberalism
    11 September, 2017

    My Lisa Macario hand embroidered sweatshirt arrived on Friday and it’s magnificent! Lisa designed these with Sarcoma UK in mind and a donation is made with every purchase to this bone and soft tissue cancer charity. You can read more about this initiative on beauty journalist Sali Hughes blog and at The Pool. #lipstick #literature #liberalism

  • sharing secrets with spacenk
    29 August, 2017

    I loved chatting to Georgia Day, SpaceNK beauty director, about my little downtime routine on a Sunday night. Top tip? It involves a pair of tights, cut off at the foot .. You can read the rest of that, what I do to relax and all about my product passions on the SpaceNK blog Inside Space.

  • the launch of our signature massage
    24 August, 2017

    We recently launched our new signature massage treatment to the press, and will be ready to start taking bookings from November. The key to the massage is the therapist – intuitive, strong, flexible – Cellu-Lite Salon Secret For Legs, our new detox oil, and Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy For Legs, a little rubber bullet which delivers deep drainage benefits. We’re currently recruiting therapists – our own little family of Legologists – who will be able to practice the treatment devised by Legology massage therapist Kirstie Garrett. So if you’re a qualified massage therapist, interested in adding a completely unique treatment to your menu and joining Legology, please get in touch!

  • it’s time for a british beauty lobby
    21 July, 2017

    Earlier this week I was invited to join the minister of state for digital, Matt Hancock MP, and the minister for arts, heritage & tourism, John Glen, at a reception to celebrate the myriad ways that digital is supporting culture. The event was at The Natural History Museum which has launched a fascinating programme to digitalise all 80 million of its artefacts to allow people to experience the museum as a virtual reality. I went as co-founder of the British Beauty Lobby (BBL), an initiative spearheaded by Millie Kendall MBE – founder of BeautyMART and the pioneering Ruby & Millie makeup brand – to ensure that the beauty business has formal representation at government level. Incredibly, while the beauty business contributes over £17 billion to the UK economy every year it has no voice at government level – unlike fashion and music, so no say on how policies affect those of us who work in the industry or our own businesses. While there are groups which represent different areas of the beauty industry, there is no consolidated alliance that covers every sector from hair and cosmetics to salons, services, retail, media, manufacturing, tech and logistics etc. So we have created a manifesto as a direct conduit to relevant government departments, in order that the issues which affect our industry can be voiced, heard and acted upon. We have also met with the culture minister’s team and are now setting a launch agenda for the group (so far media, trade and industry, health and careers/employment) and preparing to commission an in-depth report (by Oxford Economics) into the actual size and impact of the UK beauty business, so that when we ask to be listened to and taken seriously, we can do so armed with statistics. You can join us as a member via our website – just click the ‘I WANT TO JOIN’ button – and join the conversation on Instagram @britishbeautylobby and twitter @bbeautylobby

  • being serious in biarritz
    21 July, 2017

    Meet two of my closest beauty confidantes and fellow dog lovers: Kirstie Garrett (left) is the founder of EBO (Essential Body Oils) and one of the most talented massage therapists I know, and Clare Rogers (right) is the owner of The Treatment Rooms, Brighton’s top beauty salon. Kirstie has made her home in Guethary, a small town near Biarritz, so Clare and I went to spend a few days with her last week to get some rest. As well as walking along the Pyrenees, drinking a dubious version of Irish coffee with absinthe, laughing till we cried and having a memorable lunch at Atelier de Gaztelur in Arcangues, we had a proper pummelling with water jets at the local thalassotherapie centre at St Jean de Luz. My only regret was not getting a picture of the three of us in our bathing hats in the pool with the local octogenarians.

  • in the garden with liz
    21 July, 2017

    The world was put to rights last Friday south of the river when I zipped over to have a natter with Liz Earle at her studio in Battersea. We sat in the garden and chuckled about life, the business of beauty and – inevitably – menopause .. Liz is one of the most prolific and accomplished people I know; she’s incredibly good company – a tonic to be with, and I’m so proud to have a friend who has created such a footprint on beauty – the natural, botanical approach – and wellbeing. Her legacy is remarkable. It was one of those bright, sunny mornings when work doesn’t seem like work at all – which really is how it should be. Associate Editor Philippa has interviewed Liz for the September issue of Lift Off, so keep an eye for that and a rather special competition to go with it.

  • spacenk launch
    22 June, 2017

    Look at this lovely lot! Legology will be available via SpaceNK online from Monday 26 June so this week I went over to their warehouse in west London to talk to the fulfilment/logistics team about the brand. They were lucky I didn’t cry – I usually do when I tell the Legology story (tragic), and we had a lot of fun talking about leg care and that insanely wonderful place The Leg School on the Italian island of Capri, which was part of the inspiration behind the brand. I remember when the very first SpaceNK boutique was opened in Covent Garden by founder Nicky Kinnaird some 20 years ago, and now here I am working with them as a proud supplier. Happy days!

  • a bite of the big apple
    15 May, 2017

    Meanwhile, over the pond, we’re delighted to have launched Legology in New York’s newest luxury speed salon concept DreamDry. Co-founded by Robin Moraetes and Legology fan and HBG creative director Rachel Zoe, the concept is to bring everyday grooming requirements – blow dry, mani, pedi, leg wax, massage and so on – to one great spot, saving busy women from having to hop from salon to salon all around the city. DreamDry has already opened two salons in Manhattan, two in Chicago and one in Georgia and there are more planned around the US this year in Neimann Marcus stores

  • wolford swimwear launch
    12 May, 2017

    Last week saw the launch of Wolford’s new swimwear collection in the body department at Selfridges. I joined Wolford’s Sidonie Goldman and Clara Mattioli for a preview of these beautiful new pieces – soft as butter, super flattering in the way they contour the body and completely seamless.

  • hello legs central
    18 April, 2017

    We moved into our new office on Fulham Palace Road, between a beauty salon and mini supermarket, in September, and after some months working behind a huge plate glass window – and feeling like a couple of goldfish in a bowl, available to anyone who happens to be passing and feels like a chinwag – we now have some new window panels to hide behind. The curious thing about this development though, is that even more people now come in to ask for even more unusual things than before – from the price of a pair of prosthetic legs to the whereabouts of a lost dog and how much we want for our office sofa.

  • the lifestyle edit
    18 April, 2017

    It was a joy to meet Naomi Mdudu, editor of The Lifestyle Edit, a beautiful blog which champions the kind of modern, honest approach to business that I subscribe to. If I could turn the clock back I would be Naomi, travelling between London and NY, meeting people, writing, photographing, and creating a business with a genuine supportive purpose on her own terms. She’s loving it and, as is always the case when there’s good energy and intent, it manifests in the end result. Everybody wants to talk to The Lifestyle Edit, so it was an honour to be included.

  • colour play
    15 April, 2017

    If Legology was a nail polish what colour would it be? Trialling shades for a new toenail varnish feels a bit like being a child in a sweet shop, and while bottle, brush and cap have been sourced, it looks like the colour choice has finally been narrowed to coral – a cheerful, sunny suit-all shade, and especially good on tanned feet. The jury is still out on which nuance of coral mind you .. Watch this space.

  • mini miracles
    14 April, 2017

    There’s something rather irresistible about baby sized beauty products – they’re useful too. It took us a while to get to the point where our budget extended to sample sizes, but the minis – purse-sized 30ml Air-Lite and Sun-Lite tubes – finally arrived in February and we’re now able to offer a taste of the Legology experience to anyone who wants to try before they buy. Email us if you would like to add a sample of either to a Legology order while stock lasts.

  • London Fashion Week
    13 April, 2017

    I was delighted to be invited to Paul Costelloe’s a/w 17 catwalk show at London Fashion Week in February, and even more honoured to be able to go backstage with Legology photographer James Bedford to record the pre-show preparation and gift the girls our limited edition Strip-Lite kits containing samples of Air-Lite and Sun-Lite. Thank you Paul for your generosity and support.

  • breakfast with theirworld
    12 April, 2017

    French actress Lesley Caron – star of movie greats Gigi and An American In Paris – gave a speech at a breakfast hosted by Sarah Brown on International Women’s Day in March at the IOD, which I was lucky enough to be invited to. Sarah and Gordon Brown founded the charity TheirWorld to promote girls’ education and empowerment around the world, and the breakfast brought together women from across media and the arts to hear more about their work.

  • the jet set
    11 April, 2017

    I can’t imagine a more on-brand way to travel than in a Piaggio Avanti Evo, the sleek new private jet launched by Connect Jets at London City Airport. So I was delighted to join Connect Jets founder Gabriella Somerville for the inaugural flight and naturally I took my leg-lightening hero Air-Lite with me – the perfect inflight travel companion!

  • travelling light to st tropez
    10 April, 2017

    There’s nowhere quite like the south of France at the beginning of the season – quiet, warm, fresh, colourful and filled with the scent of mimosa and fir – it’s inspiring and invigorating. I spent a week in La Garde Freinet, kicking about with my sister, two cats and my camera, and travelling light with standing room only for Legology Air-Lite and Sun-Lite in my washbag. I barely bothered to brush my hair let alone wear makeup (as evidenced by the disintegrating pedicure on the cocktail sausages in this picture), and it was wonderful.

  • international fragrance day
    5 April, 2017

    Founded to give us all the chance to appreciate and share the scents that play important roles in our lives, International Fragrance Day on 21 March turned out to be a double celebration at Legology HQ as I signed off the formula for a new Capri Crush splash that day too .. Between us, this is a body fragrance with benefits (hydrating, toning ..) created with the signature ‘holiday bubble’ scent that perfume house Robertet first made for Legology. You’ll be the first to know when it’s ready friends

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