Daily Leg Care

Maintenance Kit
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Deskbound? On your feet all day? Suffering with heat-related leg puffiness or pregnant? This kit contains our beautiful legs basics to maintain daily contour and comfort.

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Daily Leg Care will be back in stock soon

  • Air-Lite


    Fast deep drainage, leg contouring & lightening benefits

  • Lymph-Lite

    Leg Brush
    DIAMETER 3.5"

    Natural bristle body brush

    Daily Leg Care will be back in stock soon

For maximum rewards:

Use the brush daily before or during a shower/bath and follow with an application of Air-Lite once a day.

Extra tips from the Legologist:

Apply Air-Lite as on-the-spot relief during the day too, then lie flat on the floor with your legs against the wall for 10 minutes.


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