Boom Brush For Body
Diameter 3.5"
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Natural vegan body brush designed to targets cellulite and dry skin in legs as well as promoting circulation and contouring.


The lymphomaniac’s secret addiction.

This tool delivers big rewards with little input. A vital piece in the cellulite-shifting puzzle, the natural cactus bristles in our body brush give the cleanest sweep possible, without unnecessary plastic or rubber bits. It really is built to perform brilliantly with only  a minute’s use – just a few quick flicks over the body from feet to thighs and hands to shoulders in order to promote the lymph and circulation.

Big results for limited input from the toes up: legs and skin can appear softer and more toned, toxins and trapped fluid moved out to be metabolised, energy and positivity levels rise. Moreover, don’t forget that you can use the brush on wet or dry skin – so before, during or after a shower – as long as you use it the right way .. always up towards your heart in quick, light flicks.


Our products are presented in recyclable jars and tubes and World Land Trust (WLT) certified carbon balanced cartons sourced from responsible forests.


Extraordinary Ingredients

Lymph-Lite is made from sustainable wood in addition to natural cactus bristles

How To Use

  1. Use brush daily, after or during a shower
  2. If used during a shower, wet the bristles and flick the brush over the skin in quick movements towards the heart (upwards)
  3. Or, add a few drops of Cellu-lite to bristles for further effects on congested, dry and bumpy areas.


For external use only. Keep out of eyes

Frequently asked questions

Is this safe to use whilst pregnant? Yes, dry brushing has many benefits whilst pregnant including collagen production to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Remember though that your skin is ultra sensitive (especially round bump) so be gentle. If you are concerned about brushing, we suggest you seek advice from your GP or midwife. 

Is Lymph-Lite vegan? Yes. The bristles are from cacti. 

How long will Lymph-Lite last? We recommend replacing your Lymph-Lite body brush every 8-12 months if used regularly.

How often should I use it? For best results use Lymph-Lite 1-2 times per week.

Do you test on animals? No, we absolutely do not test any of our products on animals. 

Is it suitable for sensitive skin? You can use Lymph-Lite on sensitive skin. Soften bristles with water before use and do not use on areas that are red, inflamed or irritated. If you are concerned about using Lymph-Lite we would recommend discussing body brushing with your GP. 

Why should I exfoliate? Your skin naturally renews itself every 28 days and dead skin cells can gather on the surface making it look dull. Exfoliation helps to remove these skin cells preventing pores from getting clogged and helping to brighten and make skin look more radiant.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.


"Soooo simple, yet delivers big rewards for little input and no discomfort. Indeed, just what a body brush should do."

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9 reviews for Lymph-Lite

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Lymph-Lite Boom Brush For Body
Diameter 3.5"


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