“We’re proud to announce that Legology has taken a commendable step towards creating change by becoming certified plastic neutral with rePurpose Global and facilitating the removal of nature-bound plastic.”

Svanika Balasubramanian
RePurpose Co-Founder and CEOA


All the cardboard and plastic we use is 100% recyclable.


Our product boxes are all certified by the World Land Trust (WLT), a UK charity that works to give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife around the world.

All cardboard used for our product packaging is sourced from responsible forests. The card is also carbon balanced and 100% recyclable. The carbon balanced programme protects threatened habitats that would have otherwise been destroyed. This not only avoids the release of stored carbon but also aids in the regeneration of these habitats


For every product we sell, we contribute a percentage towards a female-run programme in India that removes as much plastic waste from the environment as we create in our packaging and operations.

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More than 50% of plastic in developing countries is multi layered plastic (such as crisp packets and sweetie wrappers). The complexity of this material (it’s essentially a variety of materials laminated together) means it has no commercial value and lacks recycling infrastructure.

It has a recovery rate of less than 5% meaning that it is most likely to leak into the natural environment.

We fund a female-led business who are leading the way to recover and recycle multi-use plastics in Maharashtra, India, in order to tackle the waste affecting the eco systems in their jungles.

The plastic is picked, cleaned and transferred to cement kilns. Energy is recovered from the plastic and minerals extracted to create cement (which is then used to help local infrastructure). Not only does this initiative dispose of unrecyclable plastic waste without sending it to landfills, but it also reduces the usage of coal thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.