“As part of the immune system, protecting us from illness-causing invaders, and integral in maintaining fluid balance in the body, the lymph plays a vital role in our survival. Its impact on wellness and beauty is profound. That’s why it’s at the heart of the Legology feelgood approach”

Diagram of the lymph system


Your lymph (or lymphatic system), which makes up part of the immune and circulation structure, comprises a network of lymph nodes, fluid and vessels that are distributed throughout the body. Vessels connect lymph nodes together and help to facilitate the flow of fluid through them to filter out, breaking down bacteria and other waste.

The lymph essentially acts as a drainage system, taking fluid away from your tissues and into the blood circulation to be metabolised.

Unlike your blood circulation, however, the lymph doesn’t have a heart to pump it around your body. It relies on movement – you being active – to move itself. And once active, it  works hard to keep the body clean and, where legs go,


The lymph is a really complex structure and is important for many reasons:

Protects the body

As the lymph works as part of the immune system, it monitors foreign bodies and works to remove them when/if they enter the body

Absorbs fat

The lymph absorbs liquid from your intestines that includes fat, and transports this into your bloodstream

Transports fluid

The lymph maintains the optimum levels of fluid in your body. Any excess released from cells or tissue is collected and deposited back into your bloodstream

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